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Sun Valley Resort, April 27-30, 2018

Preliminary Schedule of Events

Please Note: This schedule is in draft form and subject to change

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Friday, April 27 – Sun Valley Trail Creek Golf Course

1:00 pm                      Mike Sheets Memorial Golf Tournament - Trail Creek Golf Course (Weather Permitting)

7:30 pm                      No Host Mixer – Venue TBD 

Saturday, April 28 – Sun Valley Inn

8:30 am-9:00 am       Welcome and Opening Ceremonies – Sun Valley Inn

                                   Color Guard (Meridian Fire Department), Pipes and Drums (Idaho Falls Fire Department)
                                   Welcome, City and County Officials: Blaine County Fire Chiefs            

9:00 am-10:30 am     Annual Business Meeting

-Distinguished Fire Service Guests:  Doug Schrage, President, Western Fire Chiefs Association; Jeff Johnson, CEO, Western Fire Chiefs Association (Invited).

-Call to Order and State of the Association - President David Gates

-Financial Report & 2017 Meeting Minutes - Vice-President of Operations Dave Hanneman

-District Report Highlights and New Member Introductions - IFCA District Directors

-Election Results and Announcement of 2018 Officers and Directors

-Other Business

10:30 am                   Opening Keynote Speaker - Bob Norton, Tenzinga

How to Succeed with Difficult People – This course presents tools that will help improve interpersonal relationships at work and home.  Communication skills are presented that will enhance relationships. Participants develop an understanding of conflict in the workplace and at home, and how to work through it. Discover the four basic needs people have.  Eleven different types of difficult people are introduced and strategies for skillfully interacting with them are covered.  A heightened awareness of how we can be difficult persons ourselves is also achieved. The outcome is improved relationships through greater understanding of our own needs, the needs of others, and how those needs impact behavior. We show how you succeed with eleven different kinds of difficult people: “The Clam”, “The Putter-Offer”, “The Yes-Person”, “The Everything Expert”, “The Fabricator”, “The Complainer”, “The Zinger”, “The Sour-Puss”, “The Gorilla”, “The Hot-Head”, and “The Hot-Headed Gorilla”.

Bob has over 30 years' experience working with Fortune 500 companies, cities and organizations in the areas of Leadership Development, Performance Management, Strategic Planning and Organizational Development.  He loves the fire service and is committed to helping in developing leaders across the country. He is CEO and Founder of Norton Development Group, HRE, LLC and Tenzinga Performance Management System.

12:00 pm-1:00 pm     Chiefs Roundtable Lunch

Chiefs will sit at tables with a “Topic Host” to discuss a particular issue or topic. There will be 10 different topic tables and chiefs sit where they are most interested with an option to rotate to another table during the session for a total of two topic discussions.

1. Building a Training Plan (Division Chief Kevin Fedrizzi; Meridian FD)
6. Getting the support of your elected officials (Dave Hanneman)
2. Blue Card (Fire Chief Greg Timinsky; Star FD) 7. Prevention of LODD in the Wildland arena (Bill Arsenault, Idaho Falls FD)
3. How to prepare for a Bond (Pat Riley; Northern Lakes FD) 8. GEMT- lessons learned (Travis Mykelbust, Lewiston FD)
4. Onboarding a New Battalion Chief (Warren Merritt, Kootenai County FD) 9. Water Supply/ACCESS- balancing the variances? (Romeo Gervais, BFD)
5. Explaining overtime to elected officials (Niemeyer, Meridian FD) 10. Mental Health in firefighters- what can be done? (TBD)

1:00 pm-2:30 pm      Professional Development Sessions

1.  "Healthy In/Healthy Out - Preventing Cancer on the Fire Ground and in the Fire Station"; Beth Gallup, Captain, South Puget Sound Fire Department; Dr. Rob Hilvers, Emergency Responders Health Clinic; Mark Niemeyer, Fire Chief, Meridian Fire Department; and Travis Myklebust, Fire Chief, Lewiston Fire Department.

2.  Fire Chief 101:  "Long Term Planning (CIP) and Budgeting - Addressing Your Future Now"; Eljay Waite, Finance Director, City of Caldwell; and Mark Wendelsdorf, Fire Chief, City of Caldwell.  

3:00 pm-4:30 pm      Professional Development Breakouts

1. "FLSA, From the Mouths of the Attorneys"; A review of current FLSA pay and personnel issues, folowed by an unplugged session from a labor attorney and management attorney. Participants are encouraged to bring their FLSA pay or personnel questions to this engaging session!  

2. Fire Chief 101:  "ISRB/ISO - What Does It Mean for You, Your Department, and Your Community"; Learn how to prepare for a rating evaluation, where points can be earned, and what it ultimately means to the taxpayer.

6:00 pm              Cocktail Reception, and Class A Uniform Photos (Optional)

7:00 pm Installation Banquet - Sun Valley Inn

Class A uniform dress is OPTIONAL.  All Chiefs are welcome and encouraged to attend and attire should not be a consideration.

The cost of the banquet is included in Member Chief's Registrations.  This event is not included in vendor registration. 

Banquet tickets for spouses, guests and vendors are available for purchase at Registration or contact Patty Morgan to purchase in advance.

Sunday, April 29 – Sun Valley Inn

7:00 am                      Tradeshow Vendor and Apparatus Setup – Sun Valley Inn and Inn Parking Lot

8:30 am-12:00 pm     Chiefs Roundtable/Breakfast – Sun Valley Inn (Fire Chief Attendees)

11:00 am "IFCA Mutual Aid Response Plan" Perry Oldenburg, Deputy Chief, Boise Fire Department.  This session will review the   current response plan, how costs are shared, using a common database to view deployments and request resources, etc.

12:00 pm    Tradeshow Opens – Lunch with Vendors

                                    Apparatus Demonstrations – Sun Valley Inn Parking Lot

2:00 pm-3:00 pm       Division Breakouts - EMS, FPO, Training, Volunteer

3:00 pm-3:45 pm       Break with Vendors

3:45 pm-5:00 pm      Professional Development Breakouts

1.  "Fire Service Technology: What's Coming Next?";   In this session, you will hear from developers of technology that are just entering our industry, or will be very soon! Learn about Drone use, Virtual Reality training, FirstNet progress, and much more. JD Claridge, President/CEO of XCraft (check out his win on the acclaimed series “Shark Tank”); other speakers TBD.

2. Fire Chief 101:  "Recruitment and Retention for Volunteer/Combination Departments"; During this presentation, you will hear ideas for recruiting volunteers, how to partner with paid agencies, and what benefits can be developed. (TBD Roundtable panel discussion).

5:15 pm-7:30 pm       Reception and Dinner in Tradeshow with Vendors

Monday, April 30 - Sun Valley Inn

7:00 am-2:45 pm      Vendor Tradeshow and Apparatus Networking are Open

7:30 am-8:30 am       Breakfast with Vendors in Tradeshow         

8:30 am-9:45 am       Keynote Speaker - Dr. Richard B. Gasaway 

"What is Situational Awareness and Why Does It Matter?"  Most first responders know, intuitively, that strong situational awareness is an important aspect of worksite safety. However, many do not understand what situational awareness is, how it is developed and how it can erode while working in a high risk, high consequence environment. This program provides you with a working definition for situational awareness and explains how it is developed. Specific examples of barriers that can erode awareness will be shared.

Rich Gasaway worked as a first responder in three public safety organizations including serving 22 years as a fire chief. After completing his distinguished 30-year career, Dr. Gasaway founded Situational Awareness Matters!, a consulting and teaching organization dedicated to improving how individuals, teams and organizations develop situational awareness as a foundation for improving workplace and personal safety. 

Dr. Gasaway is a big proponent of “Paying it forward” and gives back by serving as the Chancellor for the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) credentialing program and a peer evaluator for the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) Credentialing program.

9:45 am-10:30 am      Break with Vendors

10:30 am-12:00 pm Interactive Session - Dr. Richard B. Gasaway (continued)

12:00 pm-1:00 pm    Lunch with Vendors in Tradeshow
1:00 pm-2:30 pm   State and Federal Agency & Affiliated Agency Reports 

                                    State Fire Marshal Knute Sandahl; Fire Service Training (FST) Dean Ellis

                                    Idaho Department of Lands Wendy Walter; NOAA’s National Weather Service

                                    Bureau of EMS & Preparedness, Office of Emergency Mgmt

1:00 pm                    Professional Development Sessions

2:30 pm-2:45 pm      Refreshment Break with Vendors

2:45 pm-4:15 pm      Closing Keynote Presentation - Tim W. Dietz, MA, LPC

"Got Change? Practical Approaches for Dealing with Change in the Ever-changing World"  If life and work were not stressful enough, “Change” has propelled the public safety professions to the most stressful occupations in the United States. Gain an understanding of the sources of stress in an ever-changing atmosphere, learn the impact it can have on your life, family and career, and gain simple tools for stress reduction, mitigation, and recovery.

Tim retired after 30 years in the fire service and is the Founder/CEO of Behavioral Wellness Resources, a consulting/counseling firm catering to the behavioral wellness needs of emergency response organizations and individuals. He is an internationally known speaker on human emotional crisis, grief, and staying happy and healthy in the emergency services professions. He is the Clinical Director for the Oregon West Coast Post-Trauma Retreat, and was the clinical adviser to the U.S. Coast Guard’s mental health response following hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and to the stress management team at the Oso, Washington mud slide. Tim recently received the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation’s 2017 “Pioneering Spirit” Award as an “Industry Pioneer” for his programs on emergency scene compassion. He lives and has a small private practice – treating stress related injury in First Responders - in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley.

5:00 pm-7:00 pm      Reception and Barbecue


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