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Board Appointments

(Approved November 2020)

District Alternate Directors:

District #1 Alternate – Tom Grief (Coeur d’Alene FD)

District #2 Alternate – John Hoyt (Orofino FD)

District #3 Alternate – James Cook (Parma FD)

District #4 Alternate – Charlie Butterfield (Meridian Fire Department)

District #5 Alternate – Shannon Tolman (Burley FD)

District #6 Alternate – TBD

District #7 Alternate – Jim Blair (INL Fire Department)

Standing Committees:

Conference Committees:

2023 - Blaine County Fire Chiefs, Southern Idaho Chiefs, Travis Myklebust

Constitution and By-Laws Committee – IFCA Board of Directors

Elections Committee – E-Board not up for election

Finance Committee – Travis Smith, Travis Myklebust

Legislation / Government Relations Committee – Chairman Kenny Gabriel, Mark Niemeyer, Travis Myklebust, Andrew Stevens, Joe Bongiorno, Duane Nelson, Tyler Lewis

Membership Committee – District Directors

State Boards, Commissions, Councils and Working Groups:

IPSCC - David Gates  (Gov. Appt.) – July 1, 2023

School Safety and Security Advisory Council - Joe Bongiorno, Dave Gates

EMS Advisory Council – Chris Way 

EMS Physician Commission- Dr. Gordon Luther (Gov. Appt.) – August 1, 2021

FST Advisory Council - Training Division President (Bill Deruyter), Training Reps by District

Idaho Firewise Committee - FPO Division President (Joe Bongiorno)

Idaho Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Board - Richard Davies (July 1, 2020) and Garrett de Jong (July 1, 2021 (Gov. Appts.)

Medal of Honor Commission – Kirk Carpenter (Gov. Appt.) 

State Building Code Board Phil Roberts (Gov. Appt.) 

State Representative to WFCA - Vice-President, WFCA (Travis Myklebust, Interim)

Committees, Representatives and Task Forces

Firefighter License Plate Grant Review Committee – Travis Smith (IFCA), Chair; Wendy Walter (IDL), Brian Nickerson (Moscow Fire/Volunteers) and Tom Moore (PFFI)    

Idaho Fire Service Resource Response Plan - 

IFCA Representative to IOEM – Paul Roberts, Ryan O’Hearn

IFCA Representative to IDL & Idaho Prescribed Fire Council – Cory Childs

IFCA Representatives to PFFI - Travis Myklebust

IFCA Representative to State Fire Commissioners - Pat Riley

GEMT AdHoc Committee - Travis Myklebust, Shawn Rayne and Steve Isaacson

Idaho Fire Chiefs Association
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