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IFCA Membership Information

Active membership in the IFCA is available to Fire/EMS Chiefs and Fire/EMS Chief Officers of an organized Idaho fire/EMS agency or department. Divisional memberships are available to persons working or serving in fire/EMS agencies or departments working in those fields of duty.  Corporate and Associate memberships are available to those persons or companies who do not meet the above Active membership class. Life and Honorary memberships are awarded by the Board. Dues range from $110/yr. to $330/yr. based on the category of membership chosen.  (Refer to the IFCA Membership Application/Renewal form for details.)

The Idaho Fire Chiefs Association (IFCA) has been Idaho’s foremost association for fire/EMS leaders since 1969. The IFCA exists because of its members and for its members. There is power in numbers. This power equates to a stronger voice at the State Capitol on legislative issues, to protect and promote effective fire/EMS programs and to work on various “issues” (funding, regulation, etc.) that impact each and every fire agency in Idaho.

Why invest in an IFCA membership...

The IFCA offers Idaho’s fire/EMS leaders useful tools and services including:

  • Information and answers. Get access to knowledge you can use
  • Networking. Members sharing concepts, problems and solutions to help you succeed
  • News. Receive timely information sent via emails, on the website, or personally from District Directors
  • Legislative watch. Monitoring laws that can directly affect you and your agency
  • Statewide representation. IFCA has representatives who serve numerous statewide Boards, Commissions and Agencies regulating fire and life safety
  • Professional development. Learning opportunities via seminars, courses and training. And in 2018 we are continuing the Fire Chief 101 training series.
  • Divisional memberships. Specialized areas of interest (Emergency Medical Services, Fire Prevention, Training and Volunteer divisions) for more focused interests
  • Diverse membership. IFCA members come from volunteer, combination and career departments, as well as private industry through our Corporate Membership group

The IFCA’s premier event is its annual conference. The 2024 IFCA Annual Conference will take place April 25-28, 2024 at the beautiful Coeur d'Alene Resort.  Registration opens in October.

The annual conference is a blend of business meeting and lively social functions coupled with a top-notch vendor show, high-quality training programs and nationally renowned speakers. Join the IFCA so you don’t miss out on this dynamic membership experience. The 2024 conference will have a content-rich program of interest to all professionals in the Fire and EMS service, as well as our suppliers and agency partners. 

An IFCA membership is a worthy investment for your agency and yourself. Membership provides you with access to the people, knowledge, resources and tools you need to be an effective fire/EMS leader, helping you to make informed decisions on daily and long-range issues or workplace challenges. IFCA membership helps you acquire the knowledge and confidence you, your organization and community deserve for success.

Please contact Patty Morgan at 208-629-4865 or with any questions about your membership, IFCA resources, or the 2024 Annual Conference.Please contact Patty Morgan at 208-629-4865 or with any questions about your membership, IFCA resources, or the 2018 Annual Conference.Please contact Patty Morgan at 208-629-4865 or with any questions about your membership, IFCA resources, or the 2018 Annual Conference.

As IFCA President, I personally encourage you to join us today.

Thank You!

Kirk Carpenter, President

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Idaho Fire Chiefs Association
P.O. Box 2133   Boise, Idaho   83701-2133
Tel:  208.629.4865Tel:  208.629.4865  Fax:  800.324.6298

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