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How to Use Discussion Forums

This website provides a built-in Discussion Forum module - a place where members can post messages and others can view and reply to the posted messages. Use it as a place for your community to congregate, collaborate, discuss and share their ideas.

We have set up private Discussion Forums for Members Only, as well as for each Division; and each Group member has been enabled with access to that Discussion Forum upon login.  Each Division has an intro page which includes a summary of their discussion forum.  To access the Member Only Discussion Forum, or any of the Division Discussion Forums that you are a member of, login at Home and then click on the link in the top menu under Forums.

Each Forum, including the Members Only and Division Forums, has its own webpage.  Each individual activated within the membership or any of the Divisions has the ability to add a discussion topic, comment on a discussion, Subscribe to a forum or just a specific topic (see below)

Once you Subscribe to a forum, you are automatically signed up to receive email notifications about new posts.  Please note these are just notifications, the member will still need to visit the website/forum in order to view the forum/topic or post, you cannot post/view directly via email.  So this makes it a little different than a listserv, but the big advantage is THERE IS A RECORD OF ALL DISCUSSIONS ONLINE FOR ALL MEMBERS TO SEE.

Once you subscribe to a forum, you have the ability to customize the frequency with which you receive email updates – Daily, weekly or immediate.  You may do so within the forum topic windows.

Rather than, or in addition to subscribing to an entire forum, such as the Practice Management discussion forum, a member might want to subscribe to specific topics only.  In this case go to the desired topic and use the Subscribe to Topic link.

Summary: Members as well as each Division have their own unique Discussion Area/Webpage, and members may post topics or comment on topic threads. Members may subscribe to the entire forum and/or specific topics.

Patty Morgan has website edit capability for all discussion forums, meaning that she can post documents within the forum.  Division Presidents and Officers also have website edit capability for their specific discussion forum. Regular members cannot post documents but they may post url links to a document they wish to share.

To post a document in a discussion topic within the Members Only Discussion Forum, contact the Executive Director.

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