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Chief Chris Way - February 11 EMSAC Meeting Notes

  • 03 Mar 2021 3:24 PM
    Message # 10160668
    Patty Morgan (Administrator)

    February 17, 2021

    Re:  EMSAC Notes

    Dear President Myklebust,

    These are the brief notes from the EMSAC meeting held February 11, 2021.  The meeting was held virtually. The notes are taken in the order of the agenda:

    Future In-Person Meetings:  An attempt will be made to go back to in-person meetings likely in September.  May would be preferable but the Bureau staff was unsure if that could be done.  Overwhelming support from EMSAC members to return to in-person meetings sooner rather than later.

    Bureau Update and COVID Response:  Focus of the Bureau and the State has been COVID response, little movement on other projects due to this focus.

    Negotiated Rule Making:  The Bureau will be taking the Education/Exam rules to the 2022 legislature for negotiated rule making.  They will make public presentations later this year.

    TSE Update:  The first two EMS agencies have been designated TSE Agencies.  Total of 56 different hospital designations with 68% of all Idaho hospitals holding at least one.  There is information about the Yellow Dot program on the Idaho TSE website.  TSE will also be looking in to taking the CARES Registry state-wide in the future.

    EMS Personnel & Agency Update:  A report was given with numbers and types of agencies as well as numbers and types of licensed personnel in Idaho.  These numbers will be updated every meeting.  Because of COVID there has been a perceived decline in the numbers of licensed EMS personnel in Idaho.

    EMS Physicians Commission:  All meetings have been virtual.  They did have a virtual Medical Director Roundtable with about 50 docs participating.  They too want to return to in-person meetings.  Their legislative rules will be up for review in 2023.  They also had a presentation about the Blaine County COVID MCI.

    Subcommittee Reports:

    ·         Administrative: Working on Longevity/Tenure Awards, EMS Leadership Academy and Ambulance Strike Teams.  I have been asked to serve on this subcommittee.

    ·         Education/Communication: New state websites are having trouble displaying links for training, they will reevaluate priorities/projects, want to continue with a newsletter concept but no one is participating, there are limited educational events because of COVID.

    ·         Grants:  All vehicle limits have gone up by 5% for inflation, projects for equipment must match clinical levels of agencies, grants will open by end of February and close at the end of May and be awarded by the end of July.  I have been assigned to this subcommittee.

    ·         Data/Quality:  Very limited participation, still don’t know what data is needed or available, want to find agencies willing to share data, considered doing a roundtable.

    ·         Clinical:  Having monthly virtual meetings and have developed minimum standards for CHEMS.

    ED Department RN on EMSAC:  An ER manager has asked that the Bureau put on an additional seat for an ED nurse or manager.  Significant discussion was had.  I opposed this without more information and asking what the EMS community got in return.  Additionally, we have a member of the Board of Nursing already on EMSAC.  Topic tabled for future discussion.

    COVID Discussion:  Open floor discussion about different agencies struggles with COVID-19. Various discussion took place. This will be an open topic for a while.

    CLIA Waiver for Binax Testing:  If EMS agencies want to do Binax testing they must have a CLIA waiver, these waivers are available on the IGEMS website.  Many people who draw blood already have these.  If you need a CLIA waiver it is a simple process.

    The next meeting (probably virtual) is May 13, 2021.

    End of Report

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Christopher E. Way

    Fire Chief

    IFCA Representative to EMSAC

    Kootenai County Fire & Rescue

    Office of the Fire Chief

    1590 E. Seltice Way

    Post Falls, ID 83854

    Tel:  208-777-8500

    Fax:  208-777-1569

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