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Life Safety Conference Update - Joe Bongiorno

  • 14 Mar 2022 8:28 AM
    Message # 12661801
    Patty Morgan (Administrator)

    I attended a Life Safety conference in Ohio a few weeks ago. Here are a few highlights from the conference:

    Tonya Hoover – Deputy US Fire Administrator:

    • -          540 fire deaths so far this year. Of the rate continues, we will break records
    • -          She recommended going “back to the basics” in messaging
    • -          WUI stuff is coming
    • -          NFIRS – new version will be out in 24 months – it is old and past its usefulness
    • -          She spoke about Equity for all
    • o   Sharing the message – is it being shared equally? Diversity in message, etc.
    • o   Back to CRR – recognize our audience
    • -          Climate Change
    • o   This means solar panels – will change how we fight fire (heavy weight on roofs above us and vertical vent issues)
    • -          Training – there is a large difference between structure fires and providing structure protection. Many departments being sent out to other states (cough, California, cough) are not properly trained in structure protection.
    • -          She is using “Tonya’s Triangle” – Ops, Prevention and training for departments. Be sure to utilize all equally

    NFPA Updates:

    • -          NFPA 72 – 2022 chapter 11 has a new section on cyber security. Alarm systems have to have cyber security defenses built into them – not really us, but it may affect us in the future
    • -          Hoarding – becoming a national pandemic – be sure your department has a plan to fight structure fires where hoarding situations exist
    • -          NFPA 1035 – Standard on Fire and Life Safety Educator, PIO, Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist and youth program manager professional qualifications
    • -          NFPA 1700 – new for 2021 – Guide for Structural Firefighting.
    • -          NFPA 2400 – Drones
    • -          NFPA 420 – Marijuana – yes it is NFPA 420…
    • -          I have a contact if you need it for extraction questions
    • -          They are working on putting a bunch of NFPA codes together
    • -          Electric Vehicles Training: 

    Learned a ton about NFPA 80 standards on Fire Doors, fires and wood products, M.J. oil extraction processes, radio coverage in buildings and much more.

    I presented Engine company inspections to about 50 to 60 people. It was well received. The guy running the event asked me to return next year.

    The Vision 20/20 conference (community Risk Reduction) was also held this year. Joe from the Idaho State Fire Marshal’s office attended as well as Kim Stouse from Pocatello fire. Here are a few notes from them.

    From Joe:

    The Vision 20/20 Symposium centered on Model Performance in Community risk Reduction. The Vision 20/20 was held in Murfreesboro, TN.

    The symposium was awesome to attend. The symposium is filled with all fire prevention professionals from all over the United States. Everyone had the same goal and mission. The mission that was greatly talked about was the partnering with organizations to drive Community Risk Reduction across all levels of the fire service. They talked about many things that could reduce risk and build resources for the fire service and public. Some of the important things we talked about were identify the gaps, where they are and how to close those gaps. Evaluate and apply data. Data was driven hard in the conference; without data it makes the build much harder. Data is very important you can apply data to strategies and resources and provide guidance implementing adaptive measures to reduce fire and other risks; savings lives and most important protecting the first responders.

    Wildland Urban Interface was a big topic at the conference. They spoke about reducing the risk through Innovative Collaborations. They shared replicable concepts, programs that worked for communities.

    The goal is to help every community in Idaho either big or small. To provide information about Community Risk Reduction through out the State. To work as one in reducing loss and building resources for the fire service and public.

    Deputy Joe Schimanski

    Idaho State Fire Marshal

    From Kim:

    Good Afternoon Joe,

    I wanted to provide a quick recap of Vision 20/20.  The conference featured several model performances covering various topics. 

    US Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell and Deputy Hoover with USFA started out the conference with a discussion of how the federal government specifically USFA is working on enhancing their community outreach material.  She mentioned how a majority of us are all dealing with the same problems so USFA is going to create new social media toolkits and outreach material to help bridge the gap.  Her takeaway was know the people, culture and land and tailor your message to those.  She also expressed that predictable is preventable so by conducting Risk Assessments within our communities we could focus on the greatest risk.  She discussed the two major fires that we saw in New York and Philadelphia tells us the fire problems still exists and the need to continue our work.

    The second day USFA also discussed the increases in WUI and how it does impact everyone.  She went through the statistics.  Call for action on education and outreach.

    There were several model presentations discussing various CRR projects.  An overview of their presentation and a copy of their slides can be found at

    The conference was very well attended.  They had over 400 attendees.  This is Ed Comeau last year, he is retiring this week I believe.  Take a look at the model performance there is some great programs. If you have any questions please reach out to me and I can see if I can fill in the gap.  I would love to see more CRR in our state. I was excited to hear that there was a representative from the State Fire Marshalls Office. It seems like in the past it their department was more focused on inspections, plan reviews and not much on outreach. I would love to see more of a push with CRR and Education. 

    As always – let me know if you have questions.  Joe

    Joe Bongiorno CFI, CFEI

    Deputy Chief – Fire Marshal

    Meridian Fire

    33 E. Broadway Ave., Ste. 210, Meridian, ID 83642

    (Direct) 208-489-0458 (Cell) 208-936-9554



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