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Michael Duyck

Jeffrey Stull

Michael Duyck and Jeffrey Stull


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Michael Duyck, CEO of Hughes Fire Equipment, President, Emergency Technical Decon; Jeffrey O. Stull, President, International Personnel Protection, Inc.  “Today and Tomorrow with Firefighter PPE, Health, and Safety. Where We are with Standards, Research, Innovative Solutions, and Experience with Firefighter Turnouts”.

NFPA 1850, the proposed new consolidated standard will combine fire department selection, care, and maintenance requirements for turnout gear (NFPA 1851) and SCBA (NFPA 1852) into one document. As part of the consolidation, each existing standard is recognizing emerging cleaning and decontamination technologies and best practices that can be applied to the range of structural firefighting protective ensemble elements. The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) has undertaken research to support the validation of various cleaning and decontamination approaches that will offer the fire service various options for reducing contamination risks to firefighters, if the adopted as part of the new, next edition of NFPA 1850. We will review the findings of the FPRF investigation and indicate how this research will be transitioned into practice through its proposed integration within NFPA 1850.

Michael Duyck is the Chief Executive Officer at Hughes Fire Equipment, Inc. Michael also holds the position of President at Emergency Technical Decon and Vice President Product Management at In addition, Michael serves as the Past President at the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association and Past President at the Western Fire Chiefs Association. Michael is also a Board member at the Public Safety Technology Alliance and holds an Executive Board Member title at the Public Safety Advisory Committee for FirstNet. With a background in Fire Protection Technology, Michael retired as Fire Chief from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue in July 2019. Michael has also served as the International Director - Western at the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

Jeffrey O. Stull is President of International Personnel Protection, Inc., which provides expertise and research on the design, evaluation, selection, and use of personal protective clothing and equipment and related products to end users and manufacturers. He has conducted numerous studies relative to the effectiveness and performance of protective clothing and equipment in a variety of applications. Stull is the past chairman of the American Society for Testing and Materials F23 Committee on Protective Clothing, a member of several National Fire Protection Association technical committees on emergency responder protective clothing and related equipment, a participant in the government’s Interagency Board for Equipment Standardization and Interoperability, and the former lead U.S. delegate to the International Standards Organization for Protective Clothing. He was president of TRI/Environmental, Inc. from 1988 to 1993, an organization that provided certification testing and conducted research projects related to protective clothing. He was a project officer for the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Research and Development from 1983 to 1988, where he headed several programs related to personnel protection. He has an M.S. degree in chemical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an M.S. degree in engineering management from the Catholic University of America, and a B.S. degree in physical sciences from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. He is well-published in all areas related to protective clothing and equipment, including peer-reviewed articles related to protective clothing performance. He is a subject matter expert in the area of personal protective equipment.

Mike Maltaverne, Amber Honsaker, Kelly Martin, Mark Niemeyer, Craig Glazier, and Jeremy Sisneros


Mike Maltaverne             Amber Honsaker                      Kelly Martin            Mark Niemeyer                       Craig Glazier                          eremy Sisneros


Mike Maltaverne, Chief, Teton County Fire & Rescue and Amber Honsaker, Fire Business Program Manager, Idaho Department of Lands, “New ICMA Review”;   Kelly Martin, President, International Association of Wildland Fire, “Congressional Report on the Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission"; Mark Niemeyer, Chief, Boise Fire Department, “Governor’s Emergency Response Workgroup Final Recommendations”; Craig Glazier, Region 1 Fam Director, US Forest Service, and Jeremy Sisneros, State Fire Planning Specialist, BLM, “Outlook for 2024 Wildfire Season”.

Mike Maltaverne is Fire Chief of Teton County Fire & Rescue.  Chief Maltaverne also serves as the Idaho Fire Chiefs Association's representative on Western Fire Chiefs Association's Wildfire Policy Committee.  Amber Honsaker is Fire Business Program Manager with the Idaho Department of Lands.  Kelly Martin is President of the International Association of Wildland Fire.  Martin is Retired chief of Fire and Aviation, Yosemite National park, National Park Service, Pacific West Region.  Kelly is the past chair of two National Wildfire Coordinating Group programs, and maintains a highly diverse skill set as a filed practitioner in prescribed fire and wildfire management.  Mark Niemeyer is Fire Chief of Boise Fire Department, and currently serves as President of the Western Fire Chiefs Association.  Niemeyer has 30 years of public safety experience. At Boise Fire, he leads a mission-centered team of nearly 300 men and women who serve the City of Boise and surrounding communities.  Craig Glazier is Director of Fire, Aviation and Air for Region 1, US Forest Service.  Jeremy Sisneros serves as the Fire Planner for BLM Idaho. He has served the public for 23 years, working for the Forest Service in Oregon, and the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. He has experience in fire suppression, fuels management, emergency stabilization & rehabilitation, and fire ecology. 


Mark Niemeyer, Joanna Zibbell, and ali scott

                Mark Niemeyer   Joanna Zibbell Ali Scott


Mark Niemeyer, President, Western Fire Chiefs Association; and Joanna Zibbell, Fire Technology Manager, City of Boise, “Changes Coming to NFIRS – What Every Fire Chief Needs to Know”.  Generational changes are coming to the antiquated NFIRS fire reporting system. US Fire Administration has established an initiative to move fire departments across the Country to a new fire reporting system. Learn what changes are coming, what Fire Departments need to do to prepare for the change, and how you can use this new system to your advantage. Ali Scott, Regional GIS Contractor,Idaho Office of Information Technology, "Idaho Next Generation 9-1-1".   In a strategic collaboration, ITS (Idaho Office of Emergency Technology Services) has teamed up with the Office of Emergency Management to bolster public safety and elevate our state’s emergency response capabilities.   ITS has been recognized for its work with cities and counties to prepare GIS data for the implementation of Next Generation 911 (NG911). NG911 is the initiative aimed at updating the 911 service infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada to improve public emergency services in a growing wireless mobile society. At the heart of this partnership is the enhancement of Geographic Information System (GIS) data, a critical component in the transition to NG911 services. With our dedicated efforts, we’re ensuring that emergency responders have access to accurate and up-to-date geographical data, enabling them to pinpoint locations swiftly.

Mark Niemeyer is President of the Western Fire Chiefs Association.  In addition to leading the Boise Fire Department, he is currently the President of the Western Fire Chiefs Association. He is also active in the Treasure Valley, serving as the current chairman of the Ada County/City Emergency Services System.  Chief Niemeyer’s strength is his willingness to work with others, finding creative solutions to challenging issues, and creating partnerships to improve outcomes. He has remained a strong advocate for the continued improvement in firefighter safety and health, as well as maintained a continued focus on meeting the ever-changing needs of the community he serves.

Joanna Zibbell has been with the Boise Fire Department for over two years, currently serving as the Fire Technology Manager overseeing hardware, software, and data for the Department. She collaborates closely with internal and external partners, including a nationwide data and technology community of practice she facilitates, to develop and implement the Department's strategic vision. Joanna has worked with data and technology for 14 years within the public sector, previously employed by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and the Idaho Bureau of Laboratories. She is a graduate of Washington State University and resides in Boise, where you'll find her throwing a football to her two boys or hiking in the foothills with her husband.

Ali Scott is a GIS Analyst and a Regional Contractor; her areas of focus are DIGB 1 and 2 (Northern Idaho) with the Idaho Office of Information Technology. Ali is also an editor for the National Map as well as a volunteer with the Idaho Fish and Game’s- Master Naturalist program. Ali is graduate from Arizona State University and has worked in the GIS field for 6 years. Ali lives in Rathdrum with her husband and two kids.


Mark Anderson AND SCOTT WELCH, Stronger Families


Scott Welch, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Battalion Chief Mark Anderson, Bellevue Fire Department, Stronger Families.  "Bridging the Gap: Mitigating the Stress in First Responder Relationships".  Stress is a normal part of being a First Responder. Although not all First Responders experience PTSD, those without proper coping tools are vulnerable to damaging relationships. Bridging the gap between managing job stress and using effective communication skills with colleagues and loved ones is crucial for a First Responder's well-being. In this session we will be covering how to…

• Understand the barriers to communication that most First Responders deal with in their relationships

• Listen with empathy with the sole intent of understanding what your co-worker or partner is feeling

• Discuss difficult topics in any relationship using the Empathetic Communication framework that is proven to create a safe environment

Mark Anderson serves as a First Responder Advisory Board member and Program Facilitator with Stronger Families.  Mark has 24+ years in the fire service, over 21 years with the Bellevue Fire Department and 3 years of volunteer experience in Illinois and Washington.  He is currently the Health and Safety Battalion Chief, where he serves as the Peer Support Team Administrator, serves as the Department Safety Chief, manages the Peer Fitness and Annual Fitness Evaluation programs, assists members who are out on long-term disability, and supervises the apparatus, equipment, and stations as they relate to safety.  Mark has served on the Peer Support Team for almost 14 years.  He also served on the Technical Rescue Team for over 15 years along with filling the roles of Rope Rescue Lead and Water Rescue Lead at different times.  Mark has been married to his wife, Triona, for 24 years. They have two children, Ashlene and Owen, and currently live in Nampa, Idaho.

Scott Welch, M. Div., MA, BCPC, is a licensed mental health counselor and founder of Mosaic Counseling of Florida where he uses his refined skills and talents to help individuals, couples and families overcome a myriad of challenges. Scott is a dynamic public speaker who has presented nationally and internationally. He is a Master Level Trainer with Stronger Families. He is a national trainer with Prepare/Enrich, the world’s leading pre-marital and marital inventory, and currently teaches marriage and family counseling and adolescent counseling courses at Trinity College. Scott is a certified First Responder Counselor. He worked in the Hillsbough County Jail in Tampa Florida in the Drug Treatment program. He currently meets regularly with First Responder couples and families guiding them through stress and trauma that impacts their relationships. Scott is a family mediator with the Supreme Court of Florida and a Qualified Parent Coordinator. Scott works as a Social Investigator and Guardian ad Litem. His expertise with pre-marital, marital, and post-marital endeavors provide him with a plethora of methods and resources to guide families in improving communication, working through differences, partnering with one another, and parenting more effectively.


Scott Welch and Mark Anderson, Stronger Families - "Peer Support Team - Leading From Your Strengths".  Participants will be able to utilize concepts learned in this wellness block training to understand how to use their personal strengths to discover ways to empower their teams through a unique personalized report. Upon completion of this course, participants should 1. Be able to identify your top three personal strengths; 2. Be able to identify how different people communicate and leverage these differences; and 3. Recognize a framework to deal with tension and conflict in their workplace. 

Steve Hull, Curt Christensen, Garrett de Jong, Juan Bonilla, Doug Buys, and Kirk Carpenter

Steve Hull              Curt Christensen       Garrett de Jong         Juan Bonilla                Doug Buys       Kirk Carpenter


Steven Hull, Chief, Cascade Rural Fire Protection District; Curt Christensen, Chief, Emmett Fire Department; Garrett de Jong, Chief, McCall Fire Protection District; Juan Bonilla, Chief, Donnelly Fire Protection District, Doug Buys, Chief, Meadows Valley Fire Protection District, and Kirk Carpenter, Chief, Nampa Fire Department  “Best Practices Recruitment and Retention Strategies”.  This is a panel discussion focused on leadership, inclusion and creating an ambassadorship as it pertains to recruitment and retention of an exemplary staff

rob Hilvers, MD


Rob Hilvers, MD, Emergency Responders Health Center “Health Maintenance for Leader Wellness & Longevity”.  You take exceptional care of your department’s equipment to keep it running reliably. Learn more about strategies to best maintain another one of your department’s most vital assets – yourself.

As tactical athletes, firefighters work hard to achieve high levels of functional fitness.  But in answering the call, they also place themselves at elevated risk not only for injury, but for chronic illnesses such as cardiac disease and cancer, as well as potentially sidelining mental health conditions. Leadership duties add another layer to the fire service profession’s inherent stressors.

Join Rob Hilvers, MD, to better understand these duty-related risk factors and how to better mitigate them, to continue to perform at your peak and enjoy optimal quality of life and longevity, both on- and off-duty.

Dr. Hilvers will introduce an “owner’s manual” for your health, from metabolic health to sex hormones to emotional well-being. Explore the current science of disease prevention and longevity; strategies to reduce health risks through optimal nutrition, strength and fitness, restorative sleep, and other lifestyle factors; pro-active screening for the early detection and treatment of diseases prevalent among firefighters; and effective therapies for a positive mental outlook in the face of compounded stressors and trauma.

Rob Hilvers, MD, is the founder of Emergency Responders Health Center (ERHC). Based in Boise, Idaho, ERHC has offered highly specialized, occupationally-informed care of firefighters and allied emergency response professionals for two decades.

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